Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday, October 19, 2008

character designs

the snow shark
average joe
the intelligent Willa

the monk mouse named brother gravy
the armless sushi chef known as sushi

some older character designs i did for my intro to animation class.

concept art

this is a conceptual piece for a character for my senior project. in my turn arounds he didnt look as large as i imaged so i put him in a fitting back ground.
this is my rock lady that i designed for a story that im working on with my friend it started out as a small sketch but i liked the design so much that i went and colored it.
i call this guy the frog man. he was done for a concept for a contest im planning on entering, the theme of the contest is about "the creatures that live in a dark forest"
this is my devilgirl and happy bunny. i drew a long time ago for my character and object class i really enjoyed the design of her so i redid the pic. isnt she cute!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

som jam fanart that i have been working on for a while. I took a long break from it because i didnt kno wat to do for the b ackground. i eventually decicded to be apsract about it and this is the end result of trail and error. I try to draw her every now and then because she one of those characters i love to draw and she is like the only character i use in guilty gear. but ima work on it some more.

Friday, April 18, 2008

hey how is is going? my name is Courtney Johnson and i am in my 4 year at art institute of Washington. my major is animation but i really want to become a concept designer but i don't mind doing little 3d animation. I enjoy creating new and unique characters that i would hope to one day see on the big unfortunately tonight i don't have any concepts to show but i will post some up a little later. but in the mean time i would like to show you a texture that i am working on for a school project. it still needs some work but it should be done by the end of this week.

I'm working on this between class work this quarter to build up my portfolio. from what i hear it is good to be a "master of one and a jack of all", heh it seems difficult but ill strive to be that. i don't think i would have even considered do this if it wasn't for my advance modeling class last quarter where i pretty much learned everything about modeling. but in that class i was introduced to the world of texture and i really enjoy doing it. i think its cool to see how much it can push your models look. well I'ma get back to work post some drawings later.